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I am no different than you, I have the same issues with my hair and other things just like you. I have had those days where I wondered if I should just cut it all off, of course I didn’t but I know I am not the only one. I have had the pleasure of using a flat iron, they were a great tool for the time they came out.

Top 3 Best CHI Flat Iron Reviews

As a woman, your ultimate goal is to avoid problems either during or after styling your hair. Your beauty is largely determined by your hair and you shouldn’t spoil it because of an improper flat iron. Look out for the best CHI flat iron on the market and your hair issues are long gone. It […]

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How To Curl Short Hair: 4 Different Ways

So you have short hair, and you are worried that you could only have one style to your hair: however it lays. This is not true. You could actually do a number of styles and could even have curly hair. This will be a great way to give it volume and pep! This is not […]

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