Farouk CHI Turbo Regular Ceramic Hair Straightener Review – The Reliable Quick Fix

Farouk CHI Turbo Regular Ceramic Flat Iron has a large 2” ceramic plate. Probably, this is the biggest in the market. It uses advance American technology to create silky, shiny and fizzle free hair. It lets you smooth and straightens even the thickest, most riotous hair in minutes. With its Ceramic technology, it seals in hair’s natural moisture creating a healthy static-free shine.

Its creator, Farouk Systems Inc. manufactures high quality professional hair care and spa products. Owned and operated by a team of hairdressers that include over 2,000 educators in over 100 countries, CHI Systems creates solutions that refine advanced technologies. Their innovations produced truly unique products that made it stand out from anything else in the market.

Main Features

Farouk CHI Turbo Regular Ceramic Flat Iron is one of the most popular hair straightening tools in the market simply because of its features:

  • 2” Ceramic plate produces negative ions which reduces frizz resulting to a static-free shine
  • Lightweight ,ergonomic design
  • Variable temperatures from 176ᵒ-356ᵒF
  • Curved edge plate making it ideal to curl, straighten or flip
  • Velvet felt heat protection
  • Flash heating system
  • 10 feet durable cord
  • 360ᵒ swivel connection to prevent tangling
  • Uses only 20-25 watts

Who is it for?

It is for everybody. But this is much beneficial for fine-haired users who need a quick fix. It doesn’t take a pro to use this versatile hair tool. Top notch straightening is just a few minutes away.

Pros and Cons

Farouk CHI Turbo Regular Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener’s 2” ceramic plate is the biggest in the market. It can allow a large chunk of hair to pass on the plate which can minimize time spent in styling. 

The result may not be as precise and accurate compared to smaller plates, but it can be easily remedied by decreasing portions of hair. With its flash heating system, it will only take 10 seconds for this flat iron to heat up at 180ᵒ. Its velvet flat lining allows versatility when styling. You can get closer to your ears or scalp without burning yourself. 

Another great attribute of this super flat iron, is its temperature control which can be set from 176ᵒ to 356ᵒ, with its lowest temperature heating up to just only 5 to 10 seconds. This range is best suited for fine to super fine hair. If you fall to this hair type, styling will be a breeze as its larger plate can help you do things incredibly fast.

One of its drawbacks is the maximum temperature of 356ᵒ which may not be suitable to coarse hair and Brazilian Keratin treatment that will require higher temperatures.

Why you should buy it?

This flat iron hair straightener is the most popular hair straightening flat iron in the market. This means, there are a lot of people satisfied with its performance.If you need a quick fix, this is for you. It’s durable and may last for years. It heats up easily so you won’t have to wait. It also takes care of your hair with its ceramic technology, leaving your tresses silky, sizzle-free. It also saves electricity with its 20 to 25 wattage.

Final Verdict

This amazing flat iron is designed for speed. It shows remarkable results for those with fine hair and adequate enough efficiency for those with coarse hair. Farouk CHI Turbo Regular Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener does a fantastic job for straight hair with less intricate styles. It provides great value for money and a good pick for home users.

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