Grow Long Hair Fast: Is it Possible?

At one time or another you have probably wondered if there's any way to grow long hair fast. First, I want you to know that growing hair fast has nothing to do with increasing your growth rate. Ok, let me explain.

Grow Long Hair Fast

grow-long-hair-fast There isn't much you can do to change your growth rate. Everyone's growth rate is a little bit different but on average, hair grows about 1/2 inch a month. Some people grow more and some people grow less. This is due to genetics as well as health.

Based on that, you can only strive to get your hair to be at its optimal growth rate. So, maybe right now, you are eating poorly and/or you have been sick. Your growth rate may not be optimal and by eating better and getting healthier, your growth rate will switch to its optimal rate. Generally speaking, most people are at their optimal growth rate if they are eating a healthy diet and are in good health.

Secondly, instead of wanting to grow long hair fast, switch your want to retaining the hair that you grow!

Grow Long Hair Faster

Since there is not much you can do to make your hair grow any faster (if it's at its optimal growth rate) you can work on making a difference in how much breakage and hair loss you experience on a normal basis. By breakage and hair loss, I am referring to the damage you experience as well as what you do to repair the damage.

For example, if you have split ends, that is a type of damage. Getting a trim to relieve split ends is a form of damage repair. Both of these reduce the amount of hair length that you retain. Thus, limit the damage and reduce the damage repair.

Tips To Grow Long Hair Fast

Over time, that will lead to retaining length while at an optimal growth rate.

Growing long hair fast take a huge commitment. Here are a few quick tips for the fastest route to long hair:

  • Get a good trim to start.
  • Wear your hair up every single day.
  • Don't use ANY heat.
  • Moisturize hair and ends daily.
  • Wash hair every 4 days to every 7 days.
  • Use the right hair products that contribute to hair growth.
  • Take a vitamin that will enable your hair to reach its hair growth potential.
  • Deep condition weekly.
  • Use a strengthening protein conditioner at least once a month.
  • Keep hair moisturized and soft.
  • Be extra, extra gentle when combing and styling. Use a good seamless comb that won't snag your hair.
  • Don't manipulate the hair much, put it up and leave it alone.

In conclusion to grow long hair fast, you need to get your hair to its optimal growth rate if it isn't there already. Next, you need to focus on retaining length by eliminating damage and damage repair.

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