How To Curl Hair With A Curling Iron, Own Your Curls!

How to curl hair with a curling iron step by step?
So you want a change but nothing too drastic like a hair cut! Here are just a few ways to give yourself a new look. Try a few of them!

How to curl short hair?

1. Start with dry hair.
2. Clip the top half of hair up, so just the bottom layer is showing.
3. Comb out a piece of hair, and you could spray it if you want the curl to eventually last longer.
4. Once you have sprayed the hair piece, curl the hair under.
5. Repeat this step until the bottom layer is done.
6. Unclip the next layer, and repeat this step with each layer until you have finished.
7. You could choose to curl each piece under or vary the curls to give it a little more beauty look.
8. On the top layer, curl each piece closer to the inside of the barrel. This will make it a little tighter.
9. Use your finger to wind the pieces around the barrel.
10. Be sure to start at the root of each piece and curl out.
11. Once you are finished curling each piece, spray hair all over.
12. To loosen the curls, use your fingers to separate the pieces.
13. If you want a little less curl than you ended up with, you could brush your fingers loosely through it.

How to curl long hair?

1. Start with dry hair.
2. Brush hair through so it’s fairly straight.
3. It is a good idea to take hair lotion and run it through your hair if you have damaged or too dry hair.
4. Plug in your curling iron.
5. Separate hair from top to bottom.
6. Clip up your top hair.
7. Split the bottom layer and separate each side onto your shoulders.
8. Take a small piece of hair into your hand.
9. Clip your iron in the middle of the length of hair.
10. Roll up your towards your roots and pull gently down, holding the iron loosely so the hair can slide out.
11. When you let go of the hair, you will see loose curls hanging down.
12. Repeat with the next piece and so on.
13. Once your bottom layer is finished, unclip the top layer.
14. Start with a small piece of hair and repeat the same thing that you did with the bottom layer.

As you curl, you could either curl all the curls away from your face or all towards your face. You may also vary it to give it a more tousled look.

How to give the hair ringlets

1. Start with dry hair.
2. Clip up the top of hair, so it shows a bottom layer.
3. Take a piece of hair, about a half an inch, and spray each piece.
4. Use a smaller barreled curling iron, and clip about an inch of hair in the middle of the piece.
5. Roll the barrel up.
6. Slowly bring it down. Do not let the hair come out.
7. Roll the barrel up again with the same piece.
8. Hold the curled hair in the barrel for about eight to ten seconds.
9. Slowly pull the barrel out of the curls, holding it vertically.
10. Spray the curl.
11. If you have very straight hair, use sculpting gel before you roll it with the barrel.
12. Make sure the curls are curled away from your face. If they are toward your face, it frames your face differently. You may want to experiment with which way you like better.
13. Once you finish the bottom layer, spray it.
14. Unclip the next layer and repeat.
15. Continue to spray.

Another option, you may wrap the hair around with your hands. But this will not be as tight as you may want. If you want the tight curls, you will have to make sure you have enough time because you are curling smaller pieces at a time.

Own your curls!

Be sure to practice your different styles before the day that you actually want your curls. This is especially important if you have never tried these styles before.

Once you are finished curling hair, long or short, go ahead and just own those curls! This is a great way to get a fresh look and new style without a drastic hair cut. Do not be afraid to try new things and just practice different styles.

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