How To Curl Short Hair: 4 Different Ways

So you have short hair, and you are worried that you could only have one style to your hair: however it lays. This is not true. You could actually do a number of styles and could even have curly hair. This will be a great way to give it volume and pep! This is not a difficult process. In fact, there are a number of You Tube videos to follow.

How To Curl Short Hair? You can do it in several ways:

Beach Curls – How to do:

Be sure to purchase a thickening spray or texturizing lotion. When it is dry, spray it or work the lotion through it. Next, pin up it and take a flat iron and twist it directly from the root. Here I will take my BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic as an example. Take a your fingers and fluff up it. Do this with each little piece of hair. As you start, pull it up and put the flat iron under. For your front hair pieces, grab it at the root with the flat iron, facing backwards. For your front and top hair pieces, pull it up and curl it back.

If you have bangs, pull them up and take your flat iron at the roots and curl it back right away. It does not need to be a perfect curl because you want them to look beach tossed.

Loose curls – How to do:

Maybe you want something in between to curl short hair. To start, as in the ways mentioned before, clip up it on top, leaving the bottom layer. Take your comb, spray the pieces, then use a thick curling iron to curl the hair under. For the next layer, hold your iron vertical and curl each piece towards the back. Be sure to comb and spray each piece before you start. You could also vary the directions if you want a little more casual look. Continue to follow this on each layer.

For the top of it, continue to do the same thing but with smaller pieces. Nearer the front of your face, curl the pieces away from it. Now you may feel like it looks a little stiff and strange; but if you use your fingers to separate the curls. Take some hair whip or lotion and scrunch your curls up. You may want to re-curl some pieces near the end. For a more punk look, use your comb and tease each curl a little bit.

Be sure to spray it all at the end so it will hold.

Medium Curls – How to do:

For medium curls, use half to an inch thick curling iron. Clip the top of it so that you may see the bottom part of the short hair. As you start, spray it with hair spray. The bottom part of it is not as important because the top will be covering most of it. When you do the next layer, take it and curl each piece, varying it between curling it towards the back and then toward the front. You may not want it to be too tight, so when you curl the pieces, leave the ends un-curled about half an inch. After you do this second layer, spray it.

The third layer, closer to the top, curl the pieces towards the inside of the barrel. The top is the most important, so it may be easiest to wind the curl around the barrel with your finger instead of actually turning the iron. When you are finished, you may want to re-curl a couple pieces or curl smaller pieces. If you have bangs and want them curly, take the pieces of hair and curl them at the root, and blend it in to the other curls. Or leave it straight or wavy to separate it more as bangs.

Finally, when you are finished, you may separate the pieces with your finger. As you do a final hair spray, use your hand to scrunch the curls or push it up.

Tight Goldilocks Curls – How to do:

If you want something a little more curly,use a clip free curler. Start with dry and clip the top of it so you can start with the hair on the bottom. Hold the curler at your roots and take a small piece of hair. Wind it around the curler and do not overlap it. Hold it in the curler for a little bit. The longer you hold it, the bouncier the curl will be.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

That says it all! Have fun with your short hair. Go crazy! You will find it much easier than you think, whether you use hair spray, curlers or a flat iron.

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