Reviews of HSI Professional Hair Straightener

Bring yourself into the future with this clean cut futuristic looking HSI professional hair straightener. Are you ready for an upgrade from your old-school straightening iron? You will love this and will be glad you made the leap. This has plenty of great features that you are sure to enjoy. It has a more slender design than other brush straighteners on the market. It feels great in the hand is well balanced.


The build is solid and you can see it as well. It has a single button operation which is great, because then there is no confusion on what button does what. If you like to move or multi-task while you are doing your hair, you will welcome the swivel power cord. That way it moves with you instead of against you, allowing you to get your hair done without cord tangles.

Features of This HSI Professional Hair Straightener

I want to make sure you know all the great things this hair straightener brush has to offer you. So, that way you know what to expect before it gets to you.

  • Professional grade Ceramic and Tourmaline ion plates.
  • Narrow enough for bangs, but large enough for full length locks.
  • Adjustable temperatures from 350F to 450F, to accommodate different hair types.
  • Swivel cord to help avoid tangles.
  • High capacity temperature technology, giving the maximum heat allowed for the stubborn locks.
  • Flash quick heating, which means it will be ready to use within a minute or less.
  • Ceramic heat allowing for even temperatures with no hot spots.
  • Smaller size makes it great for bangs and for traveling.
  • Hair can be done in 30 minutes and under.
  • Indicator light, lets you know when it is ready to use.
  • Digital display, lets you see what your heat setting is at.
  • One button control, only one button function.
  • Dual voltage.
Best HIS Professional Hair Straightener

Things I Liked

I love the way that this HSI professional hair straightener looks, it is the first thing you notice before you pull out of the box. It has that sleek clean cut look you would expect for today’s modern décor. This is a narrower brush, which is great for me since I have smaller hands. The weight is good for a straightener brush. I am happy knowing this one features a one button function. So, you don’t have several buttons, everything is controlled by one. The quick heating feature means you will be on your way to straightening in a minute or less. So, no waiting for what seems like forever to get started. The light will turn solid letting you know when it is ready for you to get started.

I love the fact that they combined the Ceramic and Tourmaline to give you the best results that a straightener brush has to offer. The ceramic gives you that even heat you need for a smoother finish, while the tourmaline gives you that extra shine that brings the movie star out in you.

The digital display is flush with the body and bright enough to see easily. It also has a swivel cord, which will allow you to move around without worrying about getting tangled up. The bristles are well designed. They are designed in a way that you should have no problem with catching your hair. The plates used for this brush is a combination of Ceramic and Tourmaline. The complete underside of the brush including bristles is black on black. So, everything blends in together. Adjustable heat is great because that means anyone can use it, all they have to do is set the right temperature for their type of hair.

Things I Didn’t Like

While this is very well built, and looks like a very high end straightener brush. There is one thing that gives you that cheapness factor. Such as being able to see the screws on the underside of the handle. Little plugs could of hid that better, or used flat black screws to match the finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the temperature range of this straightener brush?

A: This straightener brush has a temperature range of 350F to 450F.

Q: Does indicator light quit blinking when ready?

A: Yes, the blue indicator light will quit blinking and turn solid when brush is ready to use.

Q: Is this brush hot against the scalp?

A: This brush is hot, but the brush is designed to keep the hottest part away from your scalp preventing burns.

Q: Is this straightener quicker to use than the flat irons?

A: So far customers have all stated it takes up to 50% less time to straighten hair with a straightening brush like this one.

Final Notes

The HIS Professional Hair Straightener is a great choice for anyone, because it can work for anyone. Since it has adjustable heat settings, you can pick which one works for you. Then if someone else needs to use it they can set the temperatures to what they need for them. The flash quick heating is something everyone can appreciate. Especially when we are in a rush to get going on to what we need to do. It will be ready to use in under a minute instead of several minutes. When you have a bad hair day, this straightener can turn it around in a matter of minutes. So, there will be no reason to have a bad hair day.

These are also a great gift for the teenagers in your life too. Since they are so much safer than the older style flat iron. It is not recommended that it be used by anyone under the age of 14 without supervision. They will love this straightener though due to the look and how easy it is to use. You won’t have to worry about accidental burns as much either. This straightener brush is another great selection for those who like to travel since it does have the dual voltage. Which comes in handy for overseas visits. Even just travels within the US, this straightening brush packs up nicely due to the slim size.

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