Top 10 Long Hair Care Tips

It's important to know as many long hair care tips as possible to keep your hair in beautiful shape. The following is a top 10 list of hair tips that I've found beneficial in my own journey.

Long Hair Care Tips

Long Hair Care Tips

  • Make sure to keep your ends moisturized so they aren't prone to dryness. Having long hair, the ends could be several years or older. It's important to care for them regularly.
  • Avoid your hair getting tangly by wearing it up when it's windy outside.
  • Watch your hair as you get into cars and go through doors to make sure your hair doesn't get caught.
  • Get a trim regularly. As I mentioned before, your ends are getting pretty old in order to maintain and grow your length, you must get rid of ratty ends that are split or broken Make this long hair care tip a priority!
  • Having long hair requires more time when washing and conditioning. Accept this and instead of rushing to finish your hair, take your time and treat your hair like fine lace. The more time you spend on your beautiful locks, the healthier it will be.
  • When washing your hair, you can avoid the dryness from shampoo by concentrating on your scalp only. Apply shampoo to your roots and massage it in. Gently, work your fingers through your hair to the halfway point. Now, that's enough to get your roots and scalp clean. The rest of your hair (halfway on down to the ends) will get clean enough just from the shampoo rinsing. You can also apply some conditioner to your hair ends before shampooing to avoid even more dryness from shampooing.
  • Do you love your long hair so much that you like to touch it a lot? Well, don't do that! You especially need to avoid twirling your long locks. It's so easy and fun to feel your silky hair between your fingers but you will only make your hair dry, pull out your hair, and get split ends. Avoid twirling!
  • Opt for tangle-free hairstyles like buns and ponytails. Wearing your hair down should be saved for special occasions or only several times a week. When you wear your hair in an up do or bun, you'll notice that it's not tangly as opposed to when you wear it down. Detangling hair usually results in some hair loss so the less you "have" to detangle the better.
  • Do you have a hair stylist? Make sure that he or she knows that you want to keep your hair long. When it's time for a trim, make sure they show you exactly how much they will trim beforehand. Also, make sure they don't try to convince you to get a haircut (style) if that is not what you're after. You must stand up to your stylist! Here's an article on choosing a hair stylist.
  • Last but not least (actually most important!) is to make sure that you don't forget everything you did to get your long, healthy hair in the first place! Obviously, you did something right! Keep doing it. This is not the time to slack on your long hair care and use extra heat, no protective styles, and no deep conditioning. This is even more important now that you have long hair. You don't want to do it all over again do you? 🙂

I hope these long hair care tips will be useful to you as you journey to long hair or care for the long hair you already have.

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