Natural Hair Straightening No Matter What Type Of Hairs

Natural Hair Straightening No Matter What Type Of Hairs

Tired of fighting quirky coils and stubborn cowlicks? Even on straight hairs, a straightener is a marvelous way to keep it polished and under control. Learn how to straighten hairs naturally, no matter what type of hairs you have.

Natural Hair Straightening

Yes, straight it will benefit from a flat iron. Here I will recommend my favorite BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Iron to you. Left on its own, hair without waves becomes a fly away mess. It lacks control, looking as if it hasn’t seen a hairbrush in three days.

On dry, sectioned hair, use a low to medium heat iron and gently smooth out each section from scalp to tip.Glide straight down to reduce volume, or if you would like a little more body, pull out from the scalp in a slight curve. Use a light styling spray or shine spritz to complete this classy look.

Wavy and Mildly Curly Hair

The hair that has a natural wave is unpredictable. Often the wave seems to have a mind of its own, making it frustrating to work with. Fortunately, the fix to this problem is quick and easy. Once you know how to straighten it naturally, you will never resort to chemical straighteners again.

It’s similar to the steps for straightening , but wavy one doesn’t always straighten completely the first time. The key to preventing damage and stress is to avoid holding the iron still. Attempting to heat out a cowlick by directing the iron to the troubled spot adds too much heat, creates damage and looks like robot hair.

That’s because one portion of the strand becomes straighter than the full lock. Instead, go over each strand evenly until the level of straightness meets your liking.

Small, Tight Super Curly Hair

The problem with naturally tight curls: it is usually coarse and resistant to straightening. It’s the inherent tendency to spring back into a curl.

This type of curling needs some prep work, but you don’t need to look to commercial products to handle that. There are dozens of natural ingredients to soften and relax this type, such as Coconut oil, Moroccan oil or even honey. These products are best used as a biweekly hair mask to loosen wound up it.
However, if you are looking for something simple in the morning to get it ready for the day, open the fridge and grab some milk.

After your shower, apply milk to your curls, working it through to coat each strand. The naturally occurring acids in the milk will neutralize the curl. Comb it out as best you can and let it dry naturally if you have the time.

Warm up it to medium or high settings, depending on your hair’s tolerance to heat. If it damages easily, stick to the medium setting. Just like cooking on the stove, higher heat doesn’t mean better results.

Section it, creating thin sections and pull the iron over each curl from root to tip. You may have to repeat this process two or three times, but you will find the milk makes it softer and easier to manage, eliminating the fight with tangles.

Don’t worry, you won’t be walking around with a milky haze on your head all day. The heat from the straightener will evaporate the milk and your newly straightened hair will be shiny and wonderfully soft.

Let’s Be Straight (no pun intended)

The curlier it is, the longer it will take to straighten. Fortunately, once you have achieved a clean, sophisticated head of hair, it takes miminal effort to freshen it up. If mornings find you half asleep and at risk of burns from the iron, try straightening your locks the night before.

Okay, it will get a little messy while you sleep, but it will be considerably less work in the morning to do a few minor touch ups with the flattening iron. As long as you don’t get it wet, it will still be straight.

Practice, Practice, Practice

For those who have never used a straightener in their home before, it takes a bit of practice to get used to the weight, the heat and the maneuvering. Trying it for the first time before an important job interview will probably have you running late or arriving on time with funny looking.

Instead, take the time to practice with your iron. Notice how it makes smooth straight ends or slight curled up bottoms depending on how you angle it. Practice pulling it in different directions to have hair that sweeps away from the face, or straight forward to build a frame. Like anything worth doing, learning how to straighten hair naturally with a flat iron requires a little commitment on your part to get the perfect, straight hairstyle you’ve been longing for.

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