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How Do I Get My Hair to Grow?

“I just can’t get my hair to grow.” How many have you heard someone say that? How many times have you said it yourself? My younger sister frequently looks at my length (which is just a little longer than hers) and says “My hair just doesn’t grow like that. I don’t know what’s wrong with […]

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Cycles of Hair Growth

Being knowledgeable about the cycles of hair growth are an important part in your goal to achieve long healthy hair. Every hair follicle on your head is currently going through one of the following phases of hair growth: the growing phase, the resting phase, and the shedding phase. It is important to understand what each […]

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Hair Texturizers: What You Need to Know

Are you going crazy dealing with your super curly hair? Texturizers may be the answer for you especially if you don’t want to lose your curly hair but just want more versatility and manageability! Having natural hair that is very curly, I sometimes consider what it would be like to have a texturizer. Many people […]

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Do You Know Your Hair Type?

Though you probably already know your hair type, I want to explain to you how I think of hair types so that you can understand my website. This post will talk about the following curly hair types: Natural hair which will be referred to as loose, medium, or tight curls, or kinky, natural hair that […]

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The Structure of Hair

You probably considered skipping learning about the structure of hair. But I’m glad you decided not to skip this section of my website. Yes, it is pretty boring stuff…learning about what hair really is. However, it really does shed a lot of light on some of the hair problems that you may be facing. It […]

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