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Winter Hair Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

When it’s cold and windy outside and warm and dry inside, you need to be aware of winter hair tips to keep your hair in tip top shape! In the winter, you need to make some minor changes to your hair care routine to account for the elements that can mostly dry out or damage […]

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How to Straighten Hair with a Straightener Brush

Either you have brought yourself up to speed with today’s hair technology by buying or you are thinking about buying one. Yes, I am talking about one of the best things to ever hit the hair care market. The straightening brush, a true advancement in haircare. Almost everyone is familiar with the flat iron, but […]

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Can You Straighten Wet Hair? Covered Every Possible Way

When it comes to straightening hair, there has always been a long-standing debate. Some say you can only straighten when dry, others say you can straighten with wet. Well, actually neither side is wrong. It is best in most cases to straighten your hair when dry. You can however straighten while your hair is damp, […]

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How to Keep Curly Hair Straight ?

Most people with curly hair love their curly hair. However, it can be a love and hate relationship. Some days you can have perfect curls and others you have a frizzy mess that looks like you were zapped by a lightning bolt. So, those days sometimes the best thing that can be done is to […]

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How to Straighten Hair Without a Flat Iron?

Are you ready to put down that flat iron and look for another way of straightening your hair? Flat irons will get the job done, but most can cause damage over time because of uneven or high heat. Not to mention how easily it is to get burned when using. Since they are so long […]

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