About Me

All of us have had our bad hair days, some of those days are really bad hair days. Those are the days that we want to be able to count on our hair tools and products the most. That is when we want those items to do what they say they will do for us. That is really important especially when it comes to needing a straightener. Straighteners are a best friend for many, especially when it comes to fighting that frizz. You know what I am talking about. Where you look like you had your finger in a light socket.

Debra Morris

Well when we want to go into public, we want to look our best. We have all ran into products we were not so pleased with. So, that is why I wanted to make sure that you have the best products at hand without all the hassle of playing the guessing game on reliability, quality and more. Trying to find the things you are looking for on your own can take you hours and days. Let’s be honest most of us just don’t have the time to be doing that.​

Who Am I?

I am no different than you, I have the same issues with my hair and other things just like you. I have had those days where I wondered if I should just cut it all off, of course I didn’t but I know I am not the only one. I have had the pleasure of using a flat iron, they were a great tool for the time they came out. However, using that flat iron properly was the key. Otherwise your hair would end up worse after than it was before you started.

If you are a frequent straighter user, you have probably burned yourself a time or two as well with the flat iron. I wanted a different solution for my hectic life, something that is made for a multi tasker like me. So, I took that jump and bought a straightener brush. Since then I have been in hairdo heaven. I never have a bad hair day. If the curls don’t want to cooperate I have my solution! I can multi-task easier while tending to my hair. I even bought my self some extra time because it saves me time.​

Why Did I Create This Site?

I created this site for many reasons and here they are:

  • Save you time, so you don’t have to waste yours looking for what you need.
  • Show you a list of the best in the market so you have choices.
  • To help you be an informed buyer instead of just a buyer.
  • To make sure you are happy with your purchase.
  • To hopefully answer many of your questions you had answers to.
  • To give you information in a way that you can understand. Like if we were chatting together like friends instead of scientists.

What I Will Provide You

With each product, I will tell you about important features. Which will highlight features that maybe of interest to you. Instructions on how to use the item, so you know you are doing it right. Then I will also end each review with my recommendations for that straightener. I will include as many details about an item that I can find. I will give you my honest review of an item, so you know it was a human and not a computer generated made up one. I enjoy making people happy and I make them happy by knowing I helped them find a product they are happy with.

Besides I know if you are happy, then you will send more people to my site to make happy too! That is what it is about! Helping people look great with a product they can trust every day. A product that helps maintain one of the most important things we have, which is our hair. You have to give your hair the best, so it keeps looking it’s best for you. I will point in the right direction to get the one or ones you are interested in as well. It couldn’t be any easier read, choose, and link to purchase! Next thing you know it will be at your door.​